Born and brought up in the cultural capital of India, Kolkata, I developed a natural inclination towards art design. I went on to study for my masters in UCA Rochester, UK after completing my graduation in NIFT. I started my career working at Anamika Khanna Designs and went on to launch my own independent design label 'dom' under my company Door Of Maai. 

The purpose of my creative practice is to bring beauty and tasteful aesthetics to elevate every aspect of life into an extraordinary and luxurious experience.

The purpose of my design education is to teach and support youngsters and creative professionals to create heart centered products and services that are in alignment with their core values and a refined individual self expression.

My creative process stems from a deep anchoring in the values and practices of spirituality, energy work and how visual aesthetics effect and impact human life.


My Work

Founder & Creative Director, dom

Investor & Stake Holder, Pink Cow Pvt Ltd           


Advisory Board, EcoAvid School of Ethical Design Studies                 


Subject Faculty, EcoAvid School of Ethical Design Studies          


Regional Head, Fashion Revolution India                               


Independent Design Consultant  

Selected Press & Interviews

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