Fashion Is Your Love For Life And All Things Beautiful

I was reading an interview of the iconic Diana Von Furstenberg. “Well, I love life. The key is to love life,” (1) she said, as she spoke about being the epitome of modern glamour to Harper’s Bazar. There is so much wisdom in those few words. The secret as she said, might have been in falling in love with your life. I on the other hand feel, it’s also a bit of the opposite. If you already adore the life you have, fashion makes you love it even more.

There is so much love and beauty that fashion channelizes for us. Coming from a design background, I feel like a custodian of our collective art and culture and the one responsible for imparting the beauty that lies in it. don't

I dont quite remember when I fell in love with fashion. But I do remember that fashion made me fall in love with life. And when I say fashion, I don't mean a bizarre runway look that is impossible to replicate on a normal day in your life, but mostly about the world of colors, shapes, textures, lines, art, and all things beautiful.

Fashion made my world colorful and happy. It taught me how to make banal things beautiful. I soaked in images of luxury fashion houses shooting campaigns shot at exotic and faraway locations. It taught me cultural diversity. I absorbed the detailed palettes of white - from egg white, to stark white, to paint white and pale white. I put that to use when I designed my den, and just like fashion, that room makes me fall in love with life again.

I often think and appreciate human effort towards elevating visual pleasure in life. If not fashion, what else could have made tactile artistic pleasure more accessible to society? “Art,” one might say. But art cannot touch your life in a functional manner. Only fashion can. You cant feel art on your body until it's given the form of something like fashion in a designer’s mind.

Fashion made me find beauty in myself. It taught me I was, ‘all things beautiful’ and so are you. It helped me create happier illusions within the grander illusion of human life.

A simple cut, a simple fabric, can powerfully aid in changing your self-image. Fashion becomes intimately connected to you like an intensely passionate lover.

If you ever discover its powers, stick with it. Cultivate a bond that you will cherish forever. Start with fashion and end with style. Encourage yourself to appropriate the beauty that you find in it.

Until next Tuesday…


1. Personal Style: Diane von Furstenberg

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