Fashion must be the most intoxicating release from the banality of the world

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

And maybe this is my only core emotional driver. And it should be yours too.

Diana Vreeland has always been right about the things she has said.

Fashion is not fashion if it's just about clothes. Fashion is what it is because of the release and escape that it brings to the soul. Fashion is fashion because of its power to transport you into an alternate reality. (I know my posts sound like sci-fi sometimes - but why not! :P)

Indeed it's intoxicating to be playing a whirlwind of characters everyday, and sometimes multiple of them within a single day. Maybe it's the primordial human desire to experience the pleasure that makes us all so obsessed with fashion. (and beauty)

It gives you hope and cheer to dress up for something. You are ignited with love and passion to dress up for someone.

If human life is nothing but a story then fashion allows you to make your story beautiful - both visually and experientially.

When life is devoid of freshness you want to put on your evening skirt and hit the local bar, or (like me) throw on a hoodie and visit the cafe at the end of the street.

You can put on your boyfriend jeans and convert into the sexy tomboy or adorn yourself with dainty lace and step into the ‘lady of the evening.’

The contents don’t matter. The context does. Fashion sets the context for the escape that you seek. It anchors you in your power. You decide who you want to be, and in the power to make your decisions you release yourself from mundane reality. It's exciting to be in control of your journey.

I’ve often splashed my face with ice-cold water and slipped into a luxurious Italian silk cami, smooth and buttery, making it my favorite, as a way to pamper myself after a disappointing day. Fashion teaches you to love yourself. (And then there are those who are flippant towards it. But...who cares?!)

Fashion is pure wisdom; it doesn’t crave permanency. It allows you to take off the character and put it back into your wardrobe. It understands that the only constant in life is impermanence and the joy of experiencing that.

What do you think?

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