From Perfectionism To Relaxed Confidence - And Everything In Between

Just three articles up on the blog and I already had a writer’s block. So many things to write about. So many discussions to initiate on this forum. As much as I read and consume content on self-development and design (mutually exclusive topics but everything adds up to your personality eventually), I recently came across a fantastic piece of video content that spoke about the fact that ‘motivation comes from starting not before.’ And I think it struck a chord with me.

I realized I was over planning the articles and the content.

Do you think it’s this ‘show up as a perfectionist online’ culture which often makes us stop even before we begin on our path?

As I sit to write this down I find it fairly easy. And guess what? I’m motivated to carry on already. Ideas are springing up and I am allowing them to float and take form.

Before I move further, I’d like to encourage you to think of a few things which you have been keeping on hold for a while. Those things which you know you want to do (not have to or must do) and take just one step towards it today. Maybe write one paragraph. Maybe make one illustration. Or maybe just read one page. Maybe initiate a conversation with your accountant and fix the time to sort out your books. It could be anything. But try to take one step in that direction and check-in thereafter; you would have already found the motivation you needed to actually get that thing done.

Wouldn’t you agree that the need to get it all right from the very beginning is almost crippling to the idea of growth and improvement along the way? Getting it right at the first go often takes away the possibility to explore and develop, edit, and hone the process along the way.

First impressions - I often feel that societal culture has been too stuck up on getting it right. And in the process, our entire focus, energy, and attention are directed outwards, towards that one first impression, wherein the real focus, attention, and energy should be directed inwards at all times.

Think about it. Your launch collection does amazingly well because your energy was directed inwards. Your creation stemmed from the truth of your soul. Your collection was an expression of beauty as expressed by you alone. In doing so, you naturally attracted your tribe of clients and stores and a few people and brands keep repeating this process, ace it and keep winning.

But few of us suddenly get overwhelmed with the plethora of things which start competing for our energy, focus, and attention and we shifted it towards the need to be accepted doing whatever it took for us to feel that.

Your internally focussed goldmine of energy which was creating that acceptance and affluence for you in any case gets fragmented and weakens over time. A big price to pay for having paid too much attention to creating the perfect impression.

I have often noticed that proclaiming to being a perfectionist comes with a tad bit of inflexibility in character. And there is no denying the fact that it’s the fragile ego which causes a deep attachment to that particular identity.

Instead, it's helpful to approach a job with the thought of doing it well. This takes your attention towards caring about all details but keeps you out of getting delusional about it. It eases up the energy and infuses a whiff of relaxed confidence. (I have to admit how much I love that term;))

Try to find the perfect path for your own personality and process to develop and evolve over time. This will lead to beautiful discoveries about your own style and interests. There is beauty in letting yourself and your work grow - especially if you are in the field of humanities, art, and education. There is beauty in improving your product and content over-time.

This will cultivate the habit of doing your job well at the moment but also allowing it to become better in the future.

Let’s make room for growth.

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