It's not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in the dress

As I came across one from her never-ending list of famous quotes, I could not stop myself from digging more into the work, practice but most importantly the philosophy and approach towards life, of Diana Vreeland.

The incredible woman approached and interpreted the world in terms of design, beauty, and style.

I know when a thing resonates deep within my soul. And every word she said, resonates with my whole being.

“It's not about the dress you wear, but the life you lead in the dress.” What a profound thing to say.

It suddenly raises the frivolity that's commonly associated with fashion to the ideals of a purposefully designed life. It conveys the idea that clothes are not merely a modest covering for the body or an indulgent creative pursuit of designers. It conveys the power that lies within a garment to make you step into a completely different version of yourself, which perhaps, could be your highest potential at any given moment in time.

As, in my first post of the Earth Logic Series, wherein I have talked about a particular moment during the workshop that filled my heart with hope towards believing in the important contribution of fashion towards mankind, I had a similar feeling of joy that engulfed me as I read and read this line.

Imagine walking into a board room. You were just about to face your directors, with displaced confidence and sweaty palms, when your secretary called out, “Sir, your coat!” You slide into it and in a few seconds without even realizing, a demeanor of relaxed confidence and certitude exudes from every pore inside you. You are unbaffled by the complexity of the situation and lead your pack of wolves like a giant one yourself.

In thirty minutes, the meeting is almost over, and you have time to think back a little. You look in front at your reflection in the massive mirrors covering the walls, and silently adore how suave and powerful you look in your new coat, thoughtfully designed with the perfectly handcrafted pair of power shoulders.

Now you know what happened! You were someone else before you put on the beautiful coat and stepped into the persona of a successful business guy.

Simple yet profound.

In those thirty minutes you led a completely different life; a life that could have been radically different if your secretary hadn’t unknowingly saved you at the last moment. You would have projected meekness and disorientation of character and would have conducted the meeting from a disempowered sense of self.

Therefore it wasn’t about the coat - the physical appearance or tangible characteristics. It was about the larger than life character that it turned you into. It turned you into a winner. It is about how the power of the garment touched and turned around your spirit of being.


I shall be doing a series of posts on Diana’s quotes. I believe it will help in raising the consciousness of our personal art and design practices and upgrade the quality of our tastes, aesthetics, and style.

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