Making Fashion Emotional Again

Disposable is unemotional. I think I summed up the loophole of fast fashion in those three words.

And it's not just about fashion. Nothing that is considered easily disposable has the ability to be sustainable. Think of your relationships. When you keep your options open, you go around binning the ones you already have. It seeps into your character. It's the same with your clothing. It's the same with any material possession that you own or ever will. From a tiny little piece of jewelry to the most exquisite retail property, the crux of the matter lies in your respect for your material culture.

Fast fashion presents a big dichotomy to my mind. I would first like to appreciate the fact that it has definitely opened up a whole new paradigm of dressing well to millions of people across the planet, but then comes the question of the kind of degradation it has brought to the larger aspect of material culture.

There isn’t much time, energy, or considerable thinking devoted on our part when we head over to a big retail store and buy ten outfits at a go, those that will inevitably be thrown out in ten months from now. I am out of condemning the number of your purchases, as I have often splurged as I please myself. Maybe what I’m hinting towards is about splurging on the right things - the things that matter. Perhaps things of your heart. And that is how respectable material culture is developed and cultivated in society.

We build our material culture every day, through the things we make, create, use, and consume, but somehow its study and discussion get restricted within the boundaries of academia only. How ironic is this.

Your heart will be in it, when you buy ten outfits from the concept store that inspire you to research the designers they stock. Your heart will be in it, when twelve outfits from a vintage or second-hand swap store will make up the story of your closet. Your heart will be in it, when you build an entire wardrobe, that in spite of being from a mass-produced retail chain, has a fair-trade certification and strong work ethics.

The heart creates memories through emotions. Perhaps this is what sustainable fashion is about. Perhaps this is the aim behind being sustainable. Perhaps it'sit's not so much about fighting for rights and being activists. Perhaps its about respecting human life and the various hands that fashion passes through. Perhaps it's about the things of the heart as I said.

Until next time...

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