Strangers In Context

Photography by WIX

One of the perks of developing a keen observational eye is being able to appreciate the nuances of great taste that people exhibit in the way they dress. I like to read through the character they’re expressing.

They are all characters from a story. Strangers in context. There's a guy at the airport lounge who’s flashing an inch of 'popeye' print socks under a rather formal pair of wool trousers. There’s one who uniformly dresses in a plain v neck t-shirt, denim, and a blazer - even when he’s out for groceries. There’s also somebody who boldly wears a soft pink cable knit cardigan bringing a wonderful mutation to aggressive masculinity - but that which would be a rather bold choice for a date I think.

Now let’s flip these characters and swap their settings. What about the guy in the pink cardigan with a guitar in his hand at the business lounge? How does the one with the blazer on a date feel to you?

Do you feel a difference in the way that you mentally connect with them now?

In a more consumer-centric world that is run on trends and forecast and on the see now buy now model - we often tend to forget that our clothing is always having a dialogue with the people and the environment around us.

Following a trend that doesn’t resonate with you is like having a dialogue about which you lack context. Following a trend that resonates less with you is like having a half-hearted dialogue.

The shift in perspective from fashion to clothing to material culture brings alive this dialogue with authenticity. The authentic personal expression makes fashion authentic. Otherwise, it's only a shocking runway show.

Cast yourself correctly, comfortably, and confidently. Cast yourself in the right character. You can ditch the popeye socks for a basic grey stripe. Or, you might choose to get an even flashier pop-pink cardigan. Who Cares?! The only thing that matters is owning that version of yourself and fitting in like two connectors of a puzzle.

Defocus on fashion. Refocus on the context of your clothing.

Until next time...

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