The Earth Logic Workshop - Review Part 1

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

I happened to attend the Earth Logic Workshop in mid-July hosted by Coléchi 1 and led by authors of the Earth Logic Fashion Action Research Plan, professor Kate Fletcher, 2 Centre for Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion, and Professor Mathilda Tham, Linnaeus University/Goldsmiths. 3

The highlight of the workshop was the genuine endeavor to talk about the needs of independent creatives and small businesses, whose voices and needs are less represented at global platforms.

Having a creative design company called Door Of Maai of my own, I understand the value of attending focus groups and workshops like these to help professionals get some much-needed brainstorming.

The workshop started with getting us to express our feelings about FASHION through words and pictures. I had a postcard made at my Vocational Training Design Centre, on which I cheerfully jotted down the words,








and threw in some random but feel-good bright colors and an imbalanced pattern of lines and dots.

We were divided into different rooms to be able to have a healthy exchange of our thoughts and I couldn’t help but notice how weirdly hopeful my list sounded in comparison to the others in the group. Words like,






among others synonymous to them were heavily laden across the room.

As a professional working in the industry, I definitely had a moment of feeling distraught at what the perception of insiders and outsiders had grown to become. Is there nothing great about fashion anymore? I quietly thought to myself. Yes, we need changes across the system but we also need a heart full of hope.

And that’s exactly what the breakout room discussions gave me, as we proceeded well into the workshop. With a shared google sheet for us to make live notes on, words like,







sprang up, bringing me some much-needed relief and joy.

There was consensus among the participants on the hidden potential that the existing challenges pose. We cumulatively agreed on how new ways of doing business, new ways of manufacturing, and new consumption patterns (especially, in the past six months) were becoming foundational in building good business practices within fashion. But we also agreed on the need for authentic literature and roadmaps for people to refer to.

One such authentic roadmap is the Earth Logic Project. The most interesting aspect of the workshop’s summary (that was shared with participants) was to nudge us to think over how commonly accepted sustainable practices like Circular Economy, Recycling, Artificial Intelligence, and Service Economy are not full proof solutions in themselves.

The summary also laid out 8 Value Flow Pointers and 6 Holistic Approaches in detail. I’d like to talk about them in individual posts - that shall allow me to study and reflect on each and come back to you better informed.

Till then, read more and be good.


1. Coléchi

2. Kate Fletcher

3. Mathilda Tham

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