The Earth Logic Workshop - Review Part 2

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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The usefulness of the Earth Logic Action Research Plan lies in its ability to be used as a document for the practical implementation of research methods. It provides an exceptional framework for planning, selection, and evaluation of research projects and a guide for a dialogue between funders and action research teams.

The eight values that flow from the Earth Logic paradigm are:

Multiple Centers


Diverse Ways Of Knowing


Action Research

Grounded Imagination

Care Of World

Care Of Self

Earth Logic considers a single over-arching paradigm of Earth-First within the context of ’speed and scale of change.’ As I carefully studied each of the values above I could naturally find things worthy of thinking and researching about. At the core of Earth Logic is the radical idea that everything is second to the planet because the survival and flourishing of the planet are what ensures the survival and flourishing of any industry and community.

As I focus on the first value of ‘multiple centers’, images of institutions working in collaboration with each other start springing up in my imagination. I can visualize an increased interlocking of various institutions that bring their individual strengths to the table to share and grow collectively.

I would like to see and encourage combinations that are less seen and less heard of. How about a craftsman directly teaching the design students? What about a psychologist working with a tech company to better understand data, making successful forecasts that lessen and eradicate over-production? Multiple Centres as a value on the list, provides ample opportunity for sharing of our diverse strengths and building a resilient and earth positive eco-system.

The most important link which connects multiplicity to the next value system of interdependency is the perspective of seeing the planet and the industry as not made up of separate units but re-adjusting the lens to looking at it as one organism whose various parts need to co-exist in harmony.

‘Interdependency’ re-iterates the importance of how a small action here and now in this part of the world can have a consequence in a month’s time in another part of the world. Imagine the spike in sales of your collection in the USA which was branded around the story of supporting fair wages, could lead to a direct impact on the continuation of fair practices in the manufacturing factory in India or Bangladesh.

Or how does a design student reading this article today, lay down the best practices of his/her business three years down the line? A ripple effect has to happen.

Understanding the reliability and inter-connectedness of things across timeframes and geographical locations are of key importance.

The above two value systems seamlessly link to the third category of having ‘Multiple Sources Of Knowledge’ like ‘direct experience, practice, indigenous knowledge, artistic exploration, spirituality, and theory, among others.’ This allows risk minimization by imbibing and implementing the knowledge, skills, and wisdom available to us from various subjects such as mentioned above.

Having been mentored by Ms. Farah Liz Pallaro author of Fashion Business & Spirituality, I cannot emphasis this point enough. Farah’s approach to fashion through the mediums of spirituality and mysticism has influenced my own practice in uncountable ways. 1

The two seemingly disconnected subjects of fashion and spirituality come together in her book and in her approach to ensure the wellbeing of fashion professionals and the dawning of an era of heart-centered businesses.

This brings me to ‘Co-Creation’ which is the last value that I’ll discuss in this post. Quite naturally all the first three values resonate well with the idea of collaboration which I have already laid out in detail above. The only point that is worth highlighting about ‘co-creation’ is the development of ‘team-consciousness’ and detailed focus to upgrade the ‘quality of relationships.’ In my opinion, this fosters recognition of the contribution of our peers from various other disciplines and finding ways of constructive connectedness with them.

You can download the complete Earth Logic Action Research Proposal here. 2


1.Farah Liz Pallaro

2. Earth Logic Action Research Proposal

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