The Earth Logic Workshop - Review Part 3

You might want to read the first & the second post of the series before proceeding.

From the ongoing series about the Earth Logic Fashion Action Research Plan, we are going to look at the second set of values from the group of eight. These are :

Action Research

Grounded Imagination

Care Of World

Care Of Self

The action research is the framework and the context of this study. It gets taken up as a separate section in the original body of work to lay down holistic landscapes for implementing research that is designed for action and rooted within the community.

A total of six landscapes focussing on fashion activities and processes need for creation, maintenance, and evaluation of Earth Logic find mention in the plan. These are :

Less: Grow out of growth

Local: Scaling, re-centering

Plural: New centers for fashion Learning: New knowledge, skills, mindsets for fashion

Language: New communication for fashion

Governance: New ways of organizing fashion

The above landscapes have been talked and written about in detail in the manifesto but are outside the scope of this article.

'Grounded Imagination' (for me personally) as the most self - explanatory value makes a clear differentiation between fantasy and speculation. It acknowledges and sees the current situation of the ecosystem and considers options of bringing the world together within its limits. The quality of groundedness anchors the quality of imagination and free-flowing thought to inform actions that are practical and executable.

The concept of ecological debt is made clear under the category of 'Care of the World.' When we view the environment as a resource to be commodified we think in a uni-dimensional manner that increases debt and is devoid of mutual benefits and balanced growth. Care implies that we go beyond the binary approach of production and consumption and develop a deeper relationship with material culture imbued with the sentiments of 'reverence' in our approach.

You care for and about what you value. Consequently, an attitude of caring for the environment stems from the understanding that it's a living breathing and evolving entity in its own right, and like any relationship it needs to be nurtured to thrive and grow.

"It evokes resourcefulness, resource carefulness, and parsimony, appreciation." 1

'Care of Self' is based on the truth of being able to give when your cup is full. Having been a part of the fashion industry for six years, I can relate to this value from various levels and aspects. Often when choosing best practices for your business I had to choose longterm gratification over an instant dopamine fix. This could mean that you look around the pace of growing businesses and feel a sense of dormancy in yours. This could mean that you are confronted with belief systems and fundamentals that are not in alignment with your values and therefore developing the resilience and habit of caring for yourself takes prime importance in this context.

This brings me to the end of the eight earth logic values that are at the foundation of the six holistic landscapes to inspire action research.

I shall continue to develop The Earth Logic Series which is a spectacular study for new thought in the fashion industry.

It will also be wonderful to know about your thoughts on any of the articles and especially if there is a particular subject that you would like to read on this blog.

You can download the complete Earth Logic Action Research Proposal on the link below.


1. Earth Logic Action Research Proposal

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